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Early into the 24th century man was on the verge of extinction. Before stellar colonization, war loomed close on Earth as its people cried out in their millions for food. Then, we were visited.

The Krellans came to our aid like avatars from the far reaches of space to teach us their way to live with ourselves in union.

With them, the Krellans brought a new wave of technology, unprecedented medicine, and best of all, the wisdom of peace. Farming and agricultural needs were met and bettered with their help in our colonisation plans. No more would man starve or fight for an acre of corn.

Our new found friends slowly led us away from Earth and taught us the ways to perfect terra-forming techniques to solve our ever constant population and resource needs. Since the Krellans first made contact with man many new worlds have echoed to the sound of man's foot fall and we now stand at the threshold of the entire galaxy. In this, man's new hour we live as man was intended...peacefully.

The year is 2425. This is the golden age of man, a time of hope. But given time, any foundation can crumble...

A first person SciFi-Simulation … as an young rookie pilot you have to prove yourself in 11 campaigns, each with 4 highly strategic missions. You have hatred in your heart and become driven by one compulsion … RETRIBUTION !

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Credits (DOS version)

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Orginal Concept
Coding and 3D Engine
  • Astros Productions
Original Music
Mission Map Design
Box Art
Audio Technology
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Sound Operating System
Comic Strip
Character Art
Character Animation
Aliens an Character Design
3D Animations - Link Screen
3D in game models
  • Astros Productions
Voice Scripts
  • The Voice Box
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Subject User Date
How to collect "torpedo" on ground from spaceship Andrei Alexsson 2016-10-23 15:46:14

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