Color a Dinosaur

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A boring and repetitive educational game

The Good
There are not many things to say for a coloring book video game like this one. This game was developed for younger audiences and produced by Dr. Stephen Clarke-Wilson.

The game is as simple as you can think, you choose your colors and patterns and you start painting the uncolored dinosaurs. You've got many colours but you can use all of them at the same time. You can only choose the colors from a palette (there are eight of them), and each palette has two different main colors, and the rest are just a combination of them.

There are many different dinosaurs to paint, and many of them has more things to be painted like flowers, the sun or clouds, which is something really good.

The Bad
The game doesn't need animations or anything, it's an interactive game for younger audiences, so, we can't ask too much because it's just educational.

Sound's bad, we've got only music when we're selecting our dinosaur to be painted and in the main tittle screen. No music during the painting (during the game), just a complete silence.

You've got two modes for painting. You can paint it by moving your cursor all around the screen by yourself (a free moving system) or moving your cursor automatically to every part of the dinosaur. If you use the first mode, there are some tiny parts of the dinosaur that requires precision or you'll ruin all your painting (and we don't have an analogical controller). Anyway I think that the first one is much better than the second one.

There are only two colors in each palette, so, you can't paint dinosaurs with many different colours, just two of them and their combinations. What's more, some palettes (four of them) are psychedelic, and the colours never works fine on the painting, so, we have a few combinations and nothing more...

The Bottom Line
Play this game as a four years old child and try it. The only question that you should think about is "Would I buy it for my children?" And my answer is an emphatic "No".

NES · by NeoJ (398) · 2009

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