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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

aka: Project Louisiana
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Windows credits (2018)

495 people (460 professional roles, 35 thanks) with 566 credits.

General Credits

Developed by
  • Obsidian Entertainment
Published by
  • Versus|Evil

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Development Leads

Executive Producer
Game Director
Animation Lead
Art Lead
Audio Lead
Character Art Lead
Design Lead
Environment Art Lead
Narrative Design Leads
Production Lead
Programming Lead
QA Lead
Visual Effects Lead


Character Artists
Concept Artists
Additional Concept Art
Key Art
Environment Artists
Additional Environment Art
Technical Artists
Effects Artist


Sound Designers
Additional Sound Design


Area Designers
Narrative Designers
Additional Writing
System Designers
Additional System Design
Additional Technical Design


Production Lead
Additional Production


Gameplay Programmers
Additional Gameplay Programmers
Graphics Programmers
Additional Graphics Programming
Technical Director
Tools Programmers
AI Programmer

Quality Assurance

QA Testers
Additional QA
QA Interns
Web Development QA


Chief Executive Officer and President
Chief Information Officer
Chief Development Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Legal Counsel
Art Director
Audio Director
Design Director
Production Director
Director of Human Resources
Human Resources
Information Technology
Development Operations
Front Desk


Director of Marketing
Director of Publishing
Brand Manager
Community Managers
Graphic Artists
Project Manager
Web Programming
Chief Moderator

Versus Evil

General Manager
Marketing Director
Community Director
Director of Strategy
Influencer Manager

Virtuos - Sparx*

Art Director
Art Producer
Team Lead

Critical Role

Critical Role

Casting and Voice Production

Voice Direction
Additional Voice Direction


Critical Role

PitStop Productions

Production Management
Script Management and Scheduling
Casting and Voice Direction
Additional Voice Direction
VO Post-Production
Voice Editors

Outloud Audio

Studio Engineer

Audio Production (Audio Contractors)

Sound Design: Ambiences
Sound Design

Game On Creative

Walla Talent
Walla Direction
Walla Recording Engineer
Walla Recording Assistant
Walla Executive Producer

Noiseworks Sound Design Team

Sound Designers

Sound Lab at Technicolor

Foley Team
Recording Engineer

Sweet Justice Sound Ltd.

Sound Designers

Music: Frolich Geschray

"So sprict das Leben", "Quant'ay lo mon consirat"
  • Frolich Geschray
  • Composed; arranged; and performed by Frolich Geschray
  • Licensed under Frolich Geschray GbR
"Other Inn 1"
  • Justin E. Bell (composed by)
  • arranged and performed by Frolich Geschray
"Other Inn 2"
  • Justin E. Bell (composed by)
  • arranged and performed by Frolich Geschray
Recording Engineer
Recording Studio
  • Spalding Studio

Music: Orchestra

Additional Orchestration
  • Budapest Art Orchestra
Sound Engineer
ProTools Operator
  • East Connection Music Recording Co.
Recording Producer

Music: Sea Shanties

"Aim'Spirente" traditional arrangement of "Santiano"
"Deadfire Line" traditional arrangement of "The Black Ball Line"
"Faithful Sailor" traditional arrangement of "Faithful Sailor"
"Haul Away and Go" traditional arrangement of "Haul Away Joe"
"Heave Away, My Lendry" traditional arrangement of "Heave Away, My Johnny"
"Roll the Old Berath's Wheel" traditional arrangement of "Roll the Old Charriot"
Sea Shanty Lead
Sea Shanty Male Recordings
  • Sonikwire Studios
Sea Shanty Male Singers
Sea Shanty Female Recording
  • Flowers Studio
Sea Shanty Female Lead and Coordinator
Sea Shanty Female Singers
Studio Engineer

Localization: GameScribes

French Translators
French Editors
Italian Translators
Italian Editors
German Translators
German Editors
Spanish Translators
Spanish Editors

Localization: QLOC

Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Polish

Localization: H2 Interactive


Localization: Red Cerberus

Localization QA Testers
Project Managers
Head of Global Operations


General Manager
Business Development Director
Business Development Manager
Director of Quality Assurance
QA Project Managers
QA Lab Managers
QA Training Manager
QA Team Leaders
QA Testers
IT Manager

Additional Credits

Special Thanks from the Development Team
  • To Katherine; Chloe; Addie; Tommy; and Sneakers for making all of this worth it. In loving memory of Joseph; Kathy; and Angel.
  • To Asha.
  • Thanks to my wonderful wife Karen; for being so supportive as I chase this dream.
  • I'd like to thank my husband
  • Michael Harper
  • and
  • Cameron Moore
  • the creator of Vulgar - the software I used to create Rekke's language.
  • I want to thank
  • Nick Carver
  • Karen Carver
  • and
  • Robert Graf
  • for convincing me to come to California to pursue my passion with video games.
  • To Erica; Abi; Sofi; Juli; Fathom; and Joaquin - thank you for making my life worth living.
  • To the audio team at Obsidian; holy shit we fucking did it. You guys rock my world.
  • Thanks to my incredible family - Margo; Katie; and Aidan!
  • Rheia; Bolbbalgan Sachungi; Twice; and all Kingdom citizens.
  • To our extremely talented; supportive; and depraved Discord fans. This one's for you. Thanks for the smooches.
  • I'd like to put a special thanks to
  • Jeffrey Spurlock
  • Melody Spurlock
  • Adam Spurlock
  • and
  • Jacob Spurlock
  • To my brother Jeremy; who never stops believing in me. In loving memory of
  • Max Mallory
  • who always reminded me of why I chose this industry.
  • Love and thanks to Hiren; Julie; Sydney; Mom; and Dad.
  • Ashley; Sesame; Pippin; and Rodrigo.
  • In loving memory of
  • David Cotto
  • who always supported my dreams to become a game developer.
  • In the name of
  • Nikolai Berman (The Doombringer)
  • and
  • Atticus Berman (The Crusher of Skulls)
  • To my wife Terry; for putting up with all of the Deadfire stuff I bored you with throughout development :)
Development Weddings
Development Babies
  • Baby Bell
  • Baby Fenstermaker
  • Baby Monahan
  • Baby Neigher
  • Baby Stewart
Development Tabletop Characters Slain
  • Justin Britch's 5e Campaign
  • Talus - John Lewis
  • Ari'kia - Kelvin Nakamura
  • David Benefield's Pathfinder Campaign
  • Felanor - Zach Spurlock ...twice
  • John Cotto's 5e Campaign
  • Yingu - Kelvin Nakamura
Team Baker
Pillars of Eternity uses
Powered by
  • Wwise
Mental Ray 64-bit Dirtmap Shader
latlong_lens for Mental Ray Version 2.0

Manual Credits

Contributing Writers
Cover Art
Graphic Artist
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