Shift: Quantum

aka: Shift Quantum - A Cyber Noir Puzzle Platformer
Moby ID: 109508

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Windows credits (2018)

47 people with 48 credits.


Created by Fishing Cactus

Development Team

Project Manager Laurent Grumiaux
Level Designer David Bailly
Game Designer Fabrice Daniel
Lead Programmer Michaƫl Delva
Senior Programmers Ramses Ladlani, Pieter Vantorre
Programmer Wouter De Wolf
Art Director Nathanaƫl Lesage
Senior Artist Benjamin de Ruyter
2D Artists Amandine Flahaut, Antoine Petit
Intern Artists Christine Fiorini, Julie Kabbache, Rodolphe Mac Burnie
Q.A. Tester Guillaume Derudder
Communication Sophie Schiaratura

Thanks to all other members of Fishing Cactus

C.E.O. Bruno Urbain
Lead Programmer Gauthier Billot
Senior Programmers Thibaut Hanson, Maxime Rollet
Game Designer Pierre GuƩrand
3D Artist CĆ©dric Stourme
Executive Assistant Aislinn Urban

Additional Support

Sound FX Niko Wasterlain
Music Composers Simon Felix, Volkor X
Voice Acting Rachael Messer, Patrick M. Seymour, Aimee Smith
Story Reviewer Joseph J. Clark

Red Panda Interactive Game Team

Published on Consoles by Red Panda Interactive
Managing Director Nick Davey
External Producer Nick Davey
Legal & Business Affairs Jessica Hannan
Senior Production Manager Jason Sutherland
Game Consultants David Brown, Steven Woolhouse

Cherrypick Games Team

C.E.O. & Co-Founder Martin Kwaśnica
VP of Games Mike Sroczynski

Special Thanks

Kinetic Atom - Founder & PR Consultant Korina Abbott
The Boss Graham Davey
Game Tester Robin Devouge
The Team Mother Sara Howell
Kinetic Atom - PR Consultant Simon Marshall
The Original Red Panda Kat McKinney
Game Trailer Music Production Elijah Collins (vs.Mode)


Unreal Engine, Copyright 1998 - 2018 Epic Games Inc.
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