Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

aka: Heavy Metal, Riot: Mobile Armor, Yarost': Vosstanie na Kronuse
Moby ID: 1141

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Windows credits (1998)

74 people with 81 credits.

Monolith Credits

Game Designer and Lead Level Designer
Lead Game Engineer
Lead LithTech Engineer
LithTech Sound System and Tools Engineer
Lead Texture Artist and Designer
Level and Game Designer
Lead 3D Animator
Game Engineer
Level Designer
Mecha Designer and Texture Artist
LithTech Engineer
Texture Artist
Lead Audio Designer
Weapon and Character Designs by
Audio Composer
Audio Technician
Additional LithTech and Shogo Engineering by
Additional 3D Animation
Additional Level Design
Additional Texture Artwork
QA Manager
The Test Crew
Mocap Technicians
Mocap Actors
The Hype Machine
The IS Team...they keep us working
The Admin Crew...they keep the lights on
Voice Talent

Shogo Opening Theme Song: Negai (Wish)

Arrangement by
Produced by
Mixed by
Recorded at
  • Gateway Studio
  • Booska Studio
Guitar & Instruments
Executive Producer
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Credits contributed by Roedie, reepete.