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Sonic Battle is a fast paced pseudo-fighting game, akin to Super Smash Brothers from Nintendo. Rather than being 3D side-scrolling, this game employs a 3D isometric view- not a static, sprite-based field though, it is comprised of actual texture-mapped polygons. The character sprites are 2D though, and while you think it wouldn't work- it does :P

You can have 9 characters to choose from, 5 modes of play; Story, Battle, Challenge, Training, and Mini Games; you can link up 4 GBA's to fight your friends, each character has a bunch of moves you can use to beat the you-know-what out of whoever you're fighting. It has a system of selecting Aerial, Ground, and Guard based attacks, and depending on what type of attack you set for which area (aerial/ground/guard), you have a possibility of 9 total different special attacks to choose from (only 3 at a time in a match though) which you can change each time you lose 1 stock point.

Among the other many features, Sonic Team has also made the game more dynamic with the addition of a trainable character whose abilities and techniques you can raise and add to. You get to pick and choose every aspect of the robot's style (running, attacking, jumping, dashing, etc etc etc etc etc).

The game takes a moderate amount of time to play through as all the characters, and adds a longer lifespan to itself if you wish to play through and beat it completely (all characters, get all moves for the trainable robot, etc).


  • ソニックバトル - Japanese spelling

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Battle Mode Planner
Story Mode Planner
Planning Support
System & Com Programmer
Story Mode Programmer
Battle Programmer
Mini Game Programmers
Chief Animator
Character Animators
Map Designer
Advertise Designers
Mini Game Designer
Design Coordinator
Character Design Support (Jupiter Corp.)
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Average score: 68% (based on 21 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 19 ratings with 2 reviews)

Somewhere between Power Stone and Super Smash Bros

The Good
What's good with Sonic Battle ? First, it's the second fighting game featuring Sonic, Knuckles and their friends (after Sonic Championship on arcade, which looked a lot like Virtua Fighter) and you'll experience the same thrill when you'll see Sonic fight against Tails that you felt in Smash Bros when you saw Mario fight against Luigi ! The game itself is very well done, and you will soon forget you're playing on your GBA because of the nice 3D backgrounds. The gameplay is quite simple but addictive, and you can set special attacks for 3 positions : Ground, Aerial and Defend. Sonic Battle has a good choice of modes : "Challenge" for the good old "tournament" mode, multi-player mode, multi-player mini-games... And last but not least, the "Story" mode will itself keep you playing for hours. The story is quite simple : Sonic and friends must train Emerl, a robot that can learn their combat moves, and prevent him for being captured by evil Dr. Eggman. As you play, Emerl gains new moves and you can customize his skills just like in a RPG. And once you have complete this story mode, you can use your custom Emerl in multi-player games. A very good move, Sonic Team !

The Bad
Well, there are a few things... The most striking is the difficulty of the story mode. It becomes very hard at times, and you really can't escape some battles (even to save and quit !) Turning off the GBA seems to be the only way. Each time I tried to get the menu and press "quit", I went back to the adventure map to see the enemy saying "Attack ! Attack !" and the battle started again. Very annoying. The second thing is the music. Music has always been a big part in Sonic games, and the music in Sonic Battle are quite a letdown. They should have put some music from old Sonic games, it would have been nice (just as Smash Bros did).

The Bottom Line
If you like Sonic and friends, the concept of Smash Bros, and fighting games, Sonic battle is definitely a game for you !

Game Boy Advance · by Pirou Julien (2968) · 2004

Sonic Battle, or how to disgrace a classic franchise...

The Good
Well, the principal idea of the game is cool, building your own character starting from zero and selecting your favorite attacks from all the characters of the game as they appear (although something similar was seen in 'Street Fighter 2 Movie' for Sega Saturn) but well, its just that a cool idea, and when you start playing it becomes quite amusing, but then...

The Bad
I said that the idea is cool, but its awfully taken to practice. It looks like an unfinished game, there are a lot of things you will miss, for example when you battle your enemy you cant see his energy bar (why?) something that adds to the frustration of the boring and slow combats, and thats not everything, when you think you defeat your enemy he will come back again and with the double of energy, its so annoying... And on the other hand the plot is real boring, i found myself pressing the button to pass all the dialog scenes...

The Bottom Line
At first glance it may look like a clone of Super Smash Brothers, but dont, it may look interesting when you start playing but becomes boring as you advance.

One of the most boring games i played in my life...

Game Boy Advance · by Depth Lord (934) · 2004


In the Sonic Clash 2-player minigame, you will sometimes see Big the Cat from Sonic Adventure fishing off the edge of the arena.


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