Crimson Trigger

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Official Description

-The Game-

Crimson Trigger is platformer-side scrolling game with that will bring you to a fantasy world ruled by evil Marshal Yurei. Gain power-up as you battle your way through his armies and generals.

The year is 22XX, the White Crow Empire is now the dominant power on the planet. They however, ruled their subjects with an iron fist, violently quelling any opposition while oppressing other lesser powers for their own gain. You are one of those who lost a loved one to them and witnessed their atrocity first-hand. Under the cloak of Crimson, you will be the spearhead of the rebellion force to avenge those who fell and bring back freedom and justice for all.

- Dash through the 3D side-scrolling stages of diverse landscapes and enemies alike. Familiarize yourself with the enemies as you encounter more and more challenging foes.

- Get weapons and skills from the bosses
Acquire new armament from your fallen enemy! You will gain access to new weapon with 3 new skills. Each inflicts different elemental damage so use them wisely to facilitate your mission!

-Ability System
Upgrade your abilities! You will have much easier time traversing through the stages with ability such as "Air Dash", "Double Jump" or if you want to be more resilient, "Reduce Damage Taken". Select any combination of 4 abilities that suits your play style best and crush your enemies!

-Secrete Items and Boss
Discover secret items in each stage! Some of them will help you, others might unlock other secrets. You never know! Keep your eyes peeled for possibilities!

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