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Lily has never been quite like other people. Since she was a child, her wild imagination and strong memory have given her the talent to create her own home. A place in her mind away from the dangers of the world, to keep her dreams and memories safe.

But during a night out with her friends, something happened. Something terrible and now her life has changed forever. Help Lily use her imagination to unlock her memories and relive the events of that night.

Discover what happened and what is 103, a first-person mystery adventure video game developed by Dystopia Interactive.

  • Play through 103 simply by looking at objects to piece the story together. The more that you observe the environment, the more you understand. Primary instructions and simple riddles are given through two picture frames which direct you to progress.
  • 103 focuses on having a smaller, detailed environment that you can explore. Read messages, solve puzzles, view pictures and objects as well as experience events and encounter characters that all help you understand what happened.

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  • Dystopia Interactive
Character Rigging
Character Concept Art
Environment Concept Art
Game Trailer Music
  • Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands
103 uses UnrealĀ® Engine
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  • UnrealĀ® Engine Copyright 1998-2018 Epic Games Inc.
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Average score: 60% (based on 1 ratings)


Average score: 2.8 out of 5 (based on 2 ratings with 1 reviews)

Sort of entertaining while it lasts, but I've seen much better

The Good
The game does a good job of setting up a creepy atmosphere. My daughter was creeped out just by hearing the music. The corridors that you will traverse during the game are dimly lit and all of the characters are fairly unsettling. Until you realize that they are basically all mannequins (and this is not a spoiler, you find out within the first minute of the game), the unusual environment is very off-putting. There are some cool effects later on such as how the screen starts to distort when you are forced to drink alcohol.

The Bad
How did I not love thee? Let me count the ways.

First of all, the game is pretty short, with maybe an hour or so of gameplay. This would not be a terrible thing if the game was tremendous fun, but it's not. The gameplay consists of walking in circles around a rather short set of corridors and waiting for things to change in response to you looking at them close up. This will then trigger a change elsewhere in the hallways. There are a couple of basic puzzles but these are mostly trial and error anyway. Most of the game is just walking around and looking at things. During the first pass through the hallways, this is sort of interesting. However, little changes from one walk through to the next, and so the game starts to get a bit boring.

More importantly though, the game sort of hinges on discovering /learning a particular moral at the end, and that moral is given to the player very heavy-handedly, with little to no subtlety. It's not a complex moral either - it's something that basically everyone who plays the game will already agree with. So I'm really not sure what the point of this game is. The gameplay isn't that entertaining and the story is something that a little kid could have come up with.

The Bottom Line
A cross between an adventure game and a walking simulator, closer to a walking simulator, with nice graphics and atmosphere but little else to recommend it. Both the gameplay and the story, such that it is, are minimal. I was glad I completed the game but I can't say it was that much fun.

Windows · by Stuart Feldhamer (11489) · 2020


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