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Rail Rider: The Devil's Mine


Rail Rider: The Devil's Mine is an action game where the player rides a mine cart through a mine full of dangers. The cart is automatically moving forward and the player has to duck or jump when obstacles such as boulders, stalactites, wooden beams and TNT cases appear and take the correct turning at crossroads. Colliding leads to a life being lost but more lives can be gained by collecting crystals which appear by the side of the track. An extra life is given for every four crystals collected. Some versions of the game also include shooting segments. These have auto fire and simply involves moving the cross hair over the enemies.

The game has two modes: arcade and extreme. The arcade mode is level based while the extreme mode is endless and involves staying alive as long as possible. The original version has ten levels while the later Symbian version has fifteen levels.



Credits (J2ME version)

8 People

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  • Gameloft
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Art Director
Sound Design
Game Design
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