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Terrorist is a 2-player state versus terrorist game of negotiation for the Apple II.

A 2-player video game based upon negotiation between a state actor and a terrorist organization attempting to extort maximum demands. The settings include kidnapping a planeload of civilians, threatening to detonate a large nuclear warhead in a civilian area, or holding a large building of civilians hostage. At the beginning of each scenario, the terrorist player designs a terrorist cell, including their political beliefs, list of demands, and their skills at orchestrating their plan. These terrorist cell details are kept secret from the state-controlling player. The two players act simultaneously, using the Apple Paddles to select from a list of commands, creating often confused commands between players. The state player can choose to give into a certain number of demands to minimize civilian casualties, or can be more aggressive at stopping the terrorist threat, but risking high civilian casualties. The terrorist player attempts to maximize their demands being met, while ultimately trying to avoid being destroyed.



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