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Magic Tales: Sleeping Cub's Test of Courage

aka: Los Cuentos del Abuelo Ratón: Osezno Perezoso demuestra su valor


"Sleeping Cub's Test of Courage" is the final story in the "Magic Tales" series. It tells the story of a Native American boy who is treated like an outsider in his tribe because he is an orphan. When the buffaloes disappear, the tribe is trying to follow them, but is unable to keep pace. The chief tells a story of the legendary spirit people who rode large animals called Elk Dogs and Sleeping Cub decides to prove his courage by finding them. He discovers that they were real, however, before they help his people, they require him to take one last test because he can't help others if he "doesn't believe in himself". Sleeping Cub returns to his tribe with the Elk Dogs and is now treated as a hero.

The "Magic Tales" series includes six interactive storybooks, based on fairy tales from different parts of the world. They are all framed as stories read by Grandpa Mouse to his grandchildren. Each story consists of twelve pages and if "Play" mode is selected, the player can also click on different parts of the scenery to see what will happen.

The games in the series are now supported by the ScummVM emulator.

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