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The villain Spud has captured your girlfriend Molly! As the hero Spike you need to rescue her. She is being held in a cage at the top of the screen; you need to find the key to the cage, and climb your way to the top. The screen consists of a moving catwalk which has several floors and gaps in it you need to jump over. There is also a ladder which can be moved around allowing you to climb between the different floors of the catwalk. As the levels progress, several enemies also appear which will be attempting to stop spike from reaching the top of the screen. To help out, Molly will occasionally drop a bow tie; if you collect this, all of the enemies on screen will temporarily freeze. When you have collected the key and reach the cage at the top, the level is complete and you move on to the next round.




This game had the rare feature of digitized speech. It would produce speech by quickly manipulating a synth voice to produce the sounds. The samples were very small and of very low bit quality.
"Oh No!"

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