Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension

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Willybyte in the Digital Dimension is a 1-player arcade and strategy game for the Apple II.

The player controls Willy Byte, who works inside a computer to transfer up to 6 bytes of information from keyboard to the disk drive. Your nemesis is Hex Luthor, who will attempt to trip you up at multiple parts of your adventure making your task more difficult.

At the beginning of each game, the player must choose which piece of text they wish to transfer from 1 - 6 letters. Longer text strings will take more work to transfer.

The player starts in the CPU room, where they program the tasks and in what order they occur. Data must go from the Keyboard, to RAM, and then to the Disk. This is done by jumping between platforms and selecting buttons in the order you wish the program to occur. IF-THEN statements check the Power and Clock to make sure there is no corruption of data. Loop statements allow repeating of commands for longer words. Once the program is inputted, the player must go to the individual sections.

In the Keyboard room, the player must climb to the top of a series of 8 columns, to select the button on top. From there, the player must push 8 balls to the bottom of the columns. This is complicated by objects which traverse the screen horizontally cutting the columns. The gaps prevent the balls from descending, but gaps can repaired by climbing over them. When all 8 balls are depressed, the text input is sent to RAM.

in the RAM room, the player must avoid electrical impulses while the data is loaded. Hex Luthor will attempt to corrupt data by messing with the heatsink, applying a magnet to data, getting the RAM wet, or applying static. The player must use items located at the bottom of the screen to negate Hex's attacks so that the data is not corrupted.

Finally, the player must enter the Disk room. The player must activate the disk by jumping on a button. The player must then attempt to stay on the spinning disk for as long as possible to allow the data to be written. Hex Luthor will again appear to try to throw the player off the disk or overheat the data.

Occasionally, problems will arise with the computer's Clock or Power Supply. These must be manually fixed. In the Power room, the player must turn a number of platforms from black to red by jumping on them in the correct order. At the same time, they must avoid a number of electrical discharges. To fix a broken Clock, the player must enter the Clock room and climb to the top of a number of platforms while avoiding electrical discharges and press the button at the top of the clock.

At the end, the player is awarded an efficiency rating based upon the length of data transferred and the speed in which it was transferred.


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