Moto Racer

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Calling all speed freaks! It's fast, it's dangerous and it's definitley legal! Moto Racer is a fast-paced, thrill-packed motorbike racing game which offers players the challenges of racing Motor Cross, or Speed bikes. There are nine different tracks which will have the rider screeching around the tarmac, skidding on the dirt, sliding in the snow, fishtailing in the sand and splashing across water! There are three different gameplay modes: Practice, Single Race and Championship Graphically, Moto Racer offers texture mapping and real time lighting in 32,000 colours which all combine to create an aesthetically pleasing gameplaying environment. There is also a split screen option for multi-playability



Erhältlich für Windows® 95 und PlayStation’

HeiĂźe Ă–fen.


Advertisement in PC Games, June 1997 (German)


Lean your superbike into corners at blurring speed. Powerslide your dirtbike and get massive air off the jumps. Push it to the red line in a fast 3-D environment that will blow you away.

**2 types of racing:

Superbike:** Kick in turbo boost for power wheelies

Motocross: Big air, sick tricks, and aggro powerslides

10 Exotic tracks: Race through canyons, cities, even the Great Wall!

2 Player mode: Duel for bragging rights on the split-screen

3 modes of play: Time attack, Single race, and Championship modes


Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (US)

In sella e via! Due tipi di moto a disposizione. Grafica di gioco dettagliatissima ed ultraveloce per immergerti nell'atmosfera di una gara motociclistica sul tuo PC. Opzioni multiplayer per modem e rete. Impenna ed accelera con la moto da strada Kawasaki Ninja. Esibisciti in acrobazie con le moto da cross utilizzando un KTM SX.


Italian distributor's website (PC version)


Ultra Game Players Moto Racer delivers arcade-style motorcycle racing in an ultra fast, ultra detailed 3-D environment. Lean your superbike into corners at blurring speed. Powerslide your motocross bike through the dirt and get massive air off the jumps. Race through 8 unique landscapes—from the base of a canyon to the top of the Great Wall.


  • Two bike types SUPERBIKES and MOTOCROSS

  • KILLER 3-D GRAPHICS with Direct 3D™ support acceleration cards and MMX™ technology

  • 3 RACING MODES: Time Attack, Single Race and Championship Circuit

  • Awesome MULTIPLAYER support: 8 players via internet or network

  • 8 intense tracks


Back of Box - Windows (US)

Contributed by Xoleras, Trixter, jean-louis, Grant McLellan, Corn Popper.

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