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Sir Ababol: Remastered Edition

aka: Sir Ababol: NES-OM Edition


Sir Ababol: Remastered Edition is an updated release of the 2013 NES homebrew title Sir Ababol. Despite the original version available as a free download the game was sold on cartridges without the developers' consent. In response they created this new and updated version of the game as the original title was the first time they developed for NES. Initially this version of the game was exclusively available through a crowdfunding action with a physical release containing a cartridge, but in the spirit of the original game both the game and the source code were eventually made available as a free download afterwards.

This release improves the original game by correcting a number of map bugs and imperfections. It also adds new colours and tweaks the movement to optimize it and make it more responsive. By completing the game two additional playable characters can be unlocked. Completing it once unlocks Zazelle and a second time Johnny Limite. They each have different moves providing different gameplay.

The crowdfunded version comes on a cartridge with a box and manual. The cartridges are numbered with a unique serial number. Based on the tier different extras were provided, such as having your name listed in the manual. There is also a tier with a blue cartridge limited to six copies. This tier comes with two bottles of Gik Blue wine.

Although not directly confirmed, the CPC version of the game called Sir Ababol: NES-OM Edition listed here is most likely based on this 2017 NES version.

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8 People

  • The Mojon Twins
Cover Art
Chiptune Original "Romanic" Composed by
  • Mekola
  • http://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_profile&query=80623
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