Chitei Tairiku Orudoora

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Chitei Tairiku Orudoora features two educational math games.

The first game is a side-scrolling platformer. Players control a boy who explores the underground cave system of Orudoora. The boy can jump, duck, and throw bombs to dispose of enemies. The game consists of 31 areas. In the first 10 areas players have to locate an inner tube, an oar, and an onigiri. Finding them will allow the player to advance further into the game. In the next 10 areas players will have to find the items again in order to advance in the game. Then once again for the third and final time, players will have to find the items again in order to move on and face the final boss. In order to exit an area players have to hit a Goblin enemy who will initiate a math problem. Players have to answer three of these math problems correctly to be allowed to leave an area.

The second game is called Step Drill in which players race a motorcycle through Europe. To get a good time, players have to answer 39 math problems in total as fast as they can.

Groups +

Credits (NES version)

23 People

Planning Guidance (企画指導)
  • Tadao Sasaki (credited as Tadao Suzuki (former teacher at Shibahama Junior High School,Minato-ku,Tokyo)[榊 忠男(元東京都港区立芝浜中学校教諭)])
Planning Guidance / Curriculum Structure (企画指導/カリキュラム構成)
  • Yoshiharu Fukamizu (credited as Yoshiharu Fukamizu (Chairman of School CAI Study Group) [深水 吉春(学校CAI研究会会長)])
Story Immersion (ストーリー浸画)
Binding (装丁)
  • ED Art Center [EDアートセンター]
Producer (発行者)
Publishing (発行所)
  • Sun Denshi Co.,Ltd. [サン電子株式会社]
  • Asmik Co.,Ltd. [株式会社アスミック]
Editing / Production (編集・制作)
  • Ask Kodansha Co.,Ltd. [株式会社アスク講談社]
Printing / Binding (印刷・製本)
  • Taiyosha Co.,Ltd. [株式会社太洋社]
  • Sunsoft
  • Ask Kodansha


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