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In the year 2045, the Earth was attacked by aliens from Sirius. Looking like insects and believed to be related to the insect life forms known to humans, the Sirians have shown no mercy: a third of the human population was annihilated. This assault led to the dissolution of all political borders on the Earth. The humans have united to defend themselves against the common enemy. An organisation called the Fist of Earth was formed to defend the planet, and its most important military base, the SolBase, built in orbit. The Fist of Earth sends a fighter pilot navigating the FOE-57 spacecraft on a series of missions to stop the Sirians and protect humanity.

Warhead is a mission-based space combat simulation. Objectives include destroying enemies, protecting friendly forces, as well as search and.rescue missions. The player proceeds to the next mission after having completed the preceding one. The space ship is navigated with the mouse; the keyboard controls offer autopilot modes, multiple weapons including mines and stinger missiles, an HUD display, multiple viewpoints, targeting and navigation, all of which must be used during combat.

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Average score: 73% (based on 13 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings with 1 reviews)

Stressful space simulator

The Good
First, the game ambiance is made scary by the introduction explanation of the situation where intelligent insect-like life form tries to take control of our solar system. Next, during the game you really just feel like in the box lost in void but quickly you find out how to control the space ship inertia and to master its armament. Many points were amazing: the travel system (comparable to later Frontier/FirstEncounter), the spaces you enter (standard system, nebulas, asteroid fields, black hole proximity,...), the docking rules and autopilot, the variety of situations encountering the two intelligent forms of the game: insectoïds and the 2001 intelligent monolith and the weapons palette (including an innovative probe missile which gathers data about encountered ships instead of damaging them or the missile of the monolith, able to destroy everything in a 4km blast radius). The vessels were gouraud shaded with some specular effect making them shiny in the darkness of space and it really is the former form of space simulations like I-War, Frontier, FirstEncounter,...

The Bad
Sometimes, it was hard to find enemy but it was part of tactics, the inertia making a bad approach/placement much more dangerous than with X-WingVsTieFighter-like dynamics. It just can be disorientating for a while.

The Bottom Line
Off charts space simulation, with a very good ambiance and nice control while dynamically close enough to a simulation. A good trip through space, along a nice and quite surprising storyline. A reference to be reminded.

Atari ST · by Drakkhen (3) · 2004



  • Amiga Power
    • May 1991 (Issue #00) - #61 in the "All Time Top 100 Amiga Games"


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