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Brain Lord

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In Brain Lord, you play a young traveler and warrior who is searching for his long lost father. Long ago, when you were a mere child, your father told you about the great legacy of your village. Once your people were Dragon Warriors, who could control and fly on dragons. But the dragons had disappeared, and your father was determined to find the legendary Tower of Light, where, according to rumors, the last dragons might be hiding. You father went to search the Tower of Light and never came back. Years have passed, and now you finally found the Tower of Light. But your adventure doesn't end there, as you had thought - it begins there...

Brain Lord is an action RPG with a heavy emphasis on dungeon exploring. You fight enemies in real time, using various weapons with different ranges - swords, axes, etc. You can equip different kinds of armor and shields. On your quest you will find magical jades that summon fairies who would fight at your side. The fairies have special attacks and level up after fighting just like you, but are controlled by the AI. There are also puzzles to solve in the dungeons, and the hero has the ability to jump.


  • ブレインロード - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 72% (based on 10 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 7 ratings with 2 reviews)

A very good beginning, but it quickly gets poorly done

The Good
The weapons choice is awesome. The music is pretty good, and graphics are not bad (SNES wise). The fairy feature is terrific. You get to buy and/or obtain a series of fairies that can help you with varying skills (some even fight along with you). It is a real time RPG style videogame where you still get to level up. To make it more worthy, the player can also jump (to get across places, holes, etc). It could have beaten the SNES Zelda game, but it didn't, and you will see why.

The Bad
Although the beginning is very interesting and the first dungeon very well done, the game starts to become bad afterwards. Nope, graphics and musics continue to be great. When I say bad, I mean that it is quickly obvious that the rest of the game isn't going to make up. The game has few dungeons, and only two towns. You don't get to explore too many places, and dungeons are not even far from each other. To give you the overall picture, this game has a total of 4 bosses (final boss included). While dungeons are pretty long, I would have loved to have shorter dungeons but more of them and more varied, and more towns and places to explore. Just like the SNES Zelda game did. But no, Brain Lord will end pretty short pretty soon. After the first dungeon, I was expecting the greatest adventure ever, but instead it began going downhill. I guess I won this game in about 5 days, and not even playing it the whole day. If you are looking for a long, interesting, and involving RPG game, don't buy this one. Final Fantasy games have a lot more to offer (despite not being real time).

The Bottom Line
This is a realtime Role Playing (RPG) game for Super Nintendo. You may get plenty of interesting weapons and armors, spells and fairies to assist you. The videogame overall is very good. Sadly, it is quite short and might leave you wanting for more by the time you end it.

SNES · by Joe Doe (2) · 2006

The best puzzle/RPG game I have played in a long time.

The Good
Brain Lord is highly addicting. I first played it for SNES Emu and thought it was really cool so then I went and looked for it on EBay. That was about two months ago and I still haven't beat the game, which means that it is a really good game. The controls are very simple and easy to use for people who just sit down and start the game. The music is excellent. I love the music. The battle is very simplistic but it fits very well with the game. I think the coolest things for the battle are (1) the ability to use the charge attacks and (2) the ability to use farires to help you. The farires are like Pokemon. They can level up and get more powerful and become really helpful.

The Bad
Although the music is superb, it gets really tedious when you are trying to solve a puzzle and you are stuck on it for about 30 minutes. It gets really irritating. I don't like how the item list is unorganized. I get so confused when I go to the item menu and see stuff unorganized. and although the game is puzzle based, some of the puzzles are soooooo hard you want to throw the controller at the wall.

The Bottom Line
It's a very good game although I wouldn't recommend this game to people who don't have an extreme attention span. You have to be aware of everything to get the puzzles right and it requires full attention.

SNES · by Roo (4) · 2004


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