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MeltyLancer: Re-inforce

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MeltyLancer: Re-inforce is a sequel to MeltyLancer: Ginga Shoujo Keisatsu 2086 and takes place two years after, meaning in 2088. The core gameplay consists of isometric turn-based combat on one hand, and on visual novel and dating simulation style interaction with other characters. The player plays a young rookie transferred to a GPO (Galactic Police Organization) unit under Sylvie, the heroine from the previous game. The goal is to learn from the best and uphold the law.


  • メルティランサー Re-inforce - Japanese spelling

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Credits (PlayStation version)

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Randolph Shineborg (ランドルフ・シャインボルグ)
Sylvia Nimrod (シルビア・ニムロッド)
Angela (アンジェラ)
Sakuya Ransaiwa (サクヤ・ランサイワ)
Jun Kamijo (神城 潤)
Nanai Natarecion Neinhalten (ナナイ・ナタレシオン・ナインハルテン)
Melvina McGahren (メルビナ・マクガーレン)
Patricia (パトリシア)
Lionela (リオネラ)
Carmina Prana (カルミナ・プラーナ)
Fernates Firi (フェルナテス・フィリー)
Lisa Ravenback (リサ・リーベンバック)
Yang Shaoping (ヤン・シャオピン)
Louise Goldmark (ルイーゼ・ゴルドマルク)
Gertrude Goldmark (ゲルトルード・ゴルドマルク)
Reika Midou (御堂玲華)
Shinya Souma (相馬真也)
Kyouma Ashina (葦名恭馬)
Vanessa (ヴァネッサ)
Riguel (リゲル)
Gerianos (グリアノス)
Solo (ソロ)
Criminal A (犯罪者A)
Criminal B (犯罪者B)
Criminal C (犯罪者C)
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