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Windows credits (2019)

25 people (17 professional roles, 8 thanks) with 36 credits.

A game by Stick Stone Studio

Lead Artist Nikolai Bartsch
Lead Design Nikolai Bartsch
3D Modeling Nikolai Bartsch, Klaus Schwärzel
Texturing Nikolai Bartsch
Programming Nikolai Bartsch
Lead Programming Philipp Degasper
Technical Lead Philipp Degasper
Design Philipp Degasper, David Paul
Marketing Philipp Degasper, Klaus Schwärzel
Concept Art David Paul
Audio David Paul
Web Development Jan Hüls
Server Administration Jan Hüls
Alpha Testers Patrick Pasch, Stephen Staver, Samuel Brändlin, Benjamin Brändlin, Amelie Bartsch, Kevin Anton, Hoai-An Do, Cafiri, Felix Goral, Benjamin Buchal
Localization Localize Direct, Michal Krejčí (Czech)
Special Thanks to Our supporting families and friends, Sabine Hirtes (Prof.), Michael Blatz, Marlene Degasper, Nathalie Billerth, Anne Kamenisch, Andi Hut, Luca Lorenz
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