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Flimbo's Quest


Rescuing girlfriends is a pretty common challenge in older computer games - why can't any of these ladies look after themselves? On this occasion Pearly has been kidnapped by Fransz Dandruff, so better make sure he's hair today, gone tomorrow.

The gameplay is platform based, although the player may move down platforms as well as up to the next one. There are lots of baddies (drawn in a cutesy style) who need shooting and offer rewards. The seven levels are fairly short and linear.



Credits (Amiga version)

4 People

Programmed by
Gamedesign by
Graphics by
Music by



Cancelled Spectrum version

A Spectrum version was completed but never released.

Cancelled sequels

The first game hints at a sequel, and two attempts were made to produce one - first for the C64, later for the SNES. The first attempt was to be another platform game, with sloping platforms as a new feature, but System 3 did not offer as much money for the game as the programmers thought they would need. Only the music is known to survive today - Arthur van Jole is known to have nothing.

The SNES attempt was to be more of a Zelda-style" arcade adventure, with ambitious use of Mode 7 to create an isometric parallax gameworld. Unfortunately Euphoria ran out of money after only a few maps had been implemented.

Developer issues

Euphoria struggled to gain any royalties from System 3, something Arthur attributes to Mark Cale's penchant for expensive cars. Eventually Laurens van der Donk took an oversized novelty cheque requesting £2000 to a trade show, and System 3 did pay up this sum (though Euphoria believe they were owed something like £8000)


  • Commodore Format
    • November 1994 (Issue 50) – #12 The All-Time Top 50 C64 Games
  • Power Play
    • Issue 11/1990 - The Sloppiest German Manual (in the article "The Awful 10")

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