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KONAMI'SPOOYAN®Bring all the excitement and fun of POOYAN® into your home! Experience the colorful hi-res graphics, fast action, and arcade-style play on your own computer.It's a game of quick reflexes and fast thinking as you battle a pack of vicious, hungry wolves in order to protect your helpless piglets roaming the forest.Your weapon at hand is a bow-and-arrow. And in your dispair you toss chunks of meat at your enemy hoping to lure him out of battle while you catch your breath!

(caption - POOYAN arcade cabinet)

The wolves don't give up easily and you won't either! Once you play this game you can't put it away!Clinging to air-filled balloons, the wolves travel up and down the forest valley as you glide up and down in your tram car. As they hurl objects at you, you must fight them off with your arrows and meat. Pop their balloons and look out below! But don't let too many wolves escape your arrows because they're planning to push a GIANT rock — aimed right at you! — over the cliff.Konami brings you the top hits such as Frogger,® Scramble®, Super Cobra®, Tutankham®, Time Pilot®, and now POOYAN® for your home computer by Datasoft®!

FEATURES* Easy to learn * 2-player option * 2 scenarios * Absolutely addicting


Back of Box - C64 (US)

Contributed by jean-louis.

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