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aka: Moonwalker: The Computer Game
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Moonwalker is broken up into 4 levels. The first level has you walking around avoiding fans trying to find parts of a rabbit costume needed to disguise yourself from your fans. You then need to find the waiting motorbike to escape to level 2 - Michaelsville. Here you need to find orbs which transform your bike into the glittering Stratus car able to leap barriers. If you get far enough you escape via a jetski. Level 3 has you defending yourself in Club 30 against Mr Big's task force. And the final level has you in an arena fighting Mr Big's Storm Troopers and plasma cannon as Moonwalker himself - survive and save the children.

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Average score: 55% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 2.3 out of 5 (based on 31 ratings with 1 reviews)

An okay game. Pity it takes so long to get to the fun levels.

The Good
Moonwalker has some pretty cool animated intros at the beginning of each level, all recognizable from the movie.
Level 3 is one of the more enjoyable levels, though it is challenging. You’re in Club 30 and you have to eliminate the storm troopers that are after you. It looks and plays like Cabal but you can run through the whole of the club, you’re not limited to one screen. Watch your ammo though and pick up more on the floor and tables.
Two of Michael Jackson’s songs have been included in the game. They’re at least recognizable on the PC speaker and don’t irritate too much unless you spend too much time on Level 1 and 2. You can turn the music on and off.

The Bad
Level 1 and 2 can really begin to irritate you after a while as it takes so long to get through them. You start the game with 20 lives and trust me you need all of them.
You don’t have any weapons on these two levels, the fire key only provides you with faster movement.
There is a time limit on Level 1 of 600 seconds which isn’t enough to get the 4 items, the entire rabbit suit and make it to the bike so I don’t know why the limit is so short. Run out of time and lose a life. I think there’s a similar time limit on Level 2.
Level 2 is essentially the same as Level 1 except your on a bike. When you pick up a glowing orb though you transform into the Stratos car and have 10 seconds to jump a barrier to the next sector.
As I said these levels can take a long time and get frustrating. By the time you’ve made it to Level 3, you’re down on lives.
Level 4 looks good and plays like Level 3 except you’re on one screen and you can only rotate, as you’re now they Moonwalker robot. The attacking storm troopers and impossible plasma cannon have prevented me from finishing this game.

The Bottom Line
A repetitive first two levels detract from the fun of the game but Level 3 makes up for it (if you get there). Good in-between level animations. Keeps to the theme of the movie.

DOS · by Macintrash (2553) · 2000



The 'free poster' mentioned on the front cover, was actually printed on the back of the games instructions, so if you needed to refer to them you had to pull your poster down.


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