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Interesting facts

Journey was a game that probably had some many "firsts" in the gaming industry. * It was the very first game that was endorsed by a rock music group and had band's album cover artwork on the sides of the cabinet. * It was the very first game to use animated digitised faces on game characters. * It was the very first (if not the only) game that played a real album track from a mechanical tape player and had an amplifier which were placed inside the cabinet.


There were three people involved in game's creation and it took 12 weeks to complete it. Commercially it was a catastrophic financial disaster mostly due to high expenses concerning royalties and the costs of state of the art facial digitisation equipment.


The game was badly received by the arcade industry. The sales were dire. The cabinets suffered from worn and stretched cassette tapes and jammed tape mechanisms. Most operators trashed them after they stopped working.

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