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Chopper Squad

aka: Helicoptero 2.000, Helicoptero 2000


It is 1994, and the entire Earth has been invaded by aliens... almost. You control Macho, helicopter pilot extraordinaire, as he flies around the screen collecting the parts for the nine fighter planes whose assembly is Earth's last desperate hope.

Chopper Squad is a game similar to Jetpac, where you must avoid alien nasties, collect parts of a plane that appear around the screen, and bring them back to an assembly point. The screen contains only three helicopter landing pads, and an assembly zone accessed by moving a carried plane part into the bottom right side of the screen. The helicopter can move left or right, and increase altitude. When not directly moving upwards, the copter slowly descends.

The copter is also equipped with a "photon proton lazer blazer" with which to destroy enemies. Enemies can also be destroyed if they touch the top or the bottom of the screen. Vanquished enemies will be re-spawned from off-screen so that there are always four at any time. Aliens on earlier levels move about randomly, while later ones move more quickly and home in on your position.

Plane components occasionally fall from the sky, with only one appearing at any given time. Once all of the plane pieces have been placed in the assembly area, the next level starts. The player starts with 4 lives, which can be lost on collision with an alien. Loss of all lives ends the game.


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