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As Fleet Admiral of a newly commissioned starship armada you send your ships from the home planet to explore the unknown resources of the stars. The planets circling those stars may be barren or they may have industrial capacity and will resist your colonization attempts. It is up to you whether to conquer and colonize those worlds, and convert them to producing new ships for continued expansion, and to bring the entire galaxy under your control. Galaxy can be played by as many as 20 players who compete against each other for control of up to 40 star systems. If you are playing multiplayer, the person controlling the most planets at game end is the winner. The computer produces a different galaxy every game.



Credits (Apple II version)

4 People

Game design
Apple II version
  • Colonial Composition
  • Monarch Services Inc.



Average score: 50% (based on 1 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings with 1 reviews)

Good multiplayer game but not much fun against computer

The Good
You can play with lots of other people in a group together. Simple to pick up but can be tactical to play with other players.

The Bad
Single player game is quite boring with little to do except send forces to different planets. Confusing method to input commands, Was put in place so other players can't see everything you input, but little point in single player game, and unsure whether your commands have registered or not. No challenge as the computer only defends & all you do is send ships to take planets. Game continues until you complete the years you put in the beginning, regardless of whether you finished or not.

The Bottom Line
This is a quite simplified space simulation where your goal is to take over the planets of a galaxy in a set time. Little to do, with little challenge, as you just keep sending ships to take over planet. If defences on planet you go to battle screen where you and the defender take turns destroying each ship, until one side has lost their ships. Can go on for ages if there are lots of ship involved. Multiplayer is far better & can be fun playing together, otherwise one for the history books. There is also a later DOS remake around 1989, which seems to be a close copy of this game, but unfortunately no better.

DOS · by zorkman (132) · 2015


Subject By Date
DOS conversion? Kabushi (261510) Jun 16, 2008


Cassette support on the PC

A somewhat rare and unusual aspect of the original IBM PC (DOS) version is its support for saving and loading games to/from cassette tape, as well as disk. The original IBM PC (and PCjr) came standard with a cassette port - a baseline feature of home computers at the time. Floppy drives were at first optional, but their increased affordability made them ubiquitous very soon after. The cassette port was never supported by DOS (outside of IBM BASIC), and was ignored by virtually all PC software; most manufacturers of clone PCs never adopted it, and IBM itself quickly phased it out, starting in 1983 with the PC/XT.

Unofficial remake

An unofficial IBM PC/DOS remake of Galaxy (different from the original DOS release) was created in 1989 by Jay Wilt, who had worked on the Commodore 64 port of the game. This version can be played under modern 32-bit Windows editions, with some minor configuration.


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