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Hudson Hawk

aka: El Gran Halcon

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In this platformer based on the 1991 comedy/action film of the same name, the player takes on the role of Eddie Hawkins, known as "Hudson Hawk," the world's greatest cat burglar. After ten years in prison for a robbery of a government installation gone wrong, Eddie is released, intending to go straight and retire. Unfortunately, fate has other plans.

Years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci created a machine with the intention of converting common lead into bronze for use on his commissioned sculpture of a horse. Da Vinci got the shock of his life when he found out the machine didn't convert lead to bronze... it converted it to gold. Knowing the ramifications of what the machine could do, Da Vinci broke the crystal that powered it into three pieces and hid them in three of his works: a miniature sculpture of a horse called the Sforza, his sketchbook and notebook called the Codex, and a miniature model of his helicopter design, hoping that they would never again see the light of day.

Unfortunately, ultra-rich psychotic yuppies Darwin and Minerva Mayflower have found out about the machine and own one piece of the crystal. Planning to flood the market with gold and crush the global economy, they need the remaining crystal pieces and require Eddie's services. To force him to comply, they kidnap his best friend and partner Tommy "Five-Tone" Messina and threaten to have him killed unless Eddie fetches them. With no choice, Eddie will have to do the jobs, save his friend, and put an end to the Mayflowers' plot.

From Rutherford's Auction House in New York, to the Vatican, and finally Castle Da Vinci in Italy, Eddie will have to dodge an odd assortment of enemies, from security guards and guard dogs, to janitors, crazed nuns, balloon-riding henchmen, paparazzi, and kids on bikes. Hawk's sole tool of the trade, aside from a wicked punch, is a baseball, of which he has an infinite supply. He'll use this to subdue enemies, distract guard dogs, and trigger switches. Eddie can also crawl to avoid shots and the occasional security beam. There's also ropes and pipes to shimmy across to avoid traps, and boxes to push and stack to reach those out of reach areas.


  • ハドソンホーク - Japanese spelling

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6 People




  • Commodore Force
    • December 1993 (Issue 13) – #51 “Readers' Top 100”

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