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This is a late-90s remake of the original arcade classic Frogger. Navigate Frogger by hopping left, right, down and up through jungles, busy streets, sewers, and even the clouds to save his five little buddies, as well as the golden frogs of myth. Dodge cars, rats, and man eating alligators to stay alive. Snag some bugs for special abilities and points. Play against a friend online. Just remember, don't hop on sinking turtles.

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Average score: 66% (based on 27 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 40 ratings with 5 reviews)

Not bad, but not good either.

The Good
Overall, I thought the game was good. It provided lots of different environments to guide Frogger through from busy roads to ponds and ugly sewers filled with rubbish. The graphics were also good and the music was great.

The Bad
I didn't like the fact that the game got a bit repetitive and became quite unenjoyable when I had to sit there and constantly try to complete a level that was nearly impossible.

The Bottom Line
A good upgrade from the 1980s version with a wide range of different environments. However, it does get a bit boring when trying to complete the harder levels which seem almost impossible to complete.

Windows · by James Walter (271) · 2001

Hop to it !

The Good
This was one of the first PC games I really ever remember playing, so I've always had a place for it in my collection. Although a re-visioning of the original, it's still a insanely fun game.


Talk about addictive ! The levels are arranged in blocks from beginning to end. The first level block consist of the "retro" levels, remakes of the original game. Cross the road, river, and logs to get to the baby frogs. Simple. But it gets faster as time goes on and gets hectic. The next level block is made of pond and road levels. But you get to ride on birds, balloons and turtles. But these levels are fairly non-linear. Which means you can get the frogs in any order you want to. And the levels have numerous enemies throughout them. Dogs, bats, rats, slugs, raccoons and spiny slugs. It's a heck of a lot of fun especially in the western levels ( yes western levels) when you have to avoid falling boulders ! But the later levels make good use of Frogger's new abilities: power croak, super hop, and a long bug grabbing tongue. Most of the bugs are worth about 60 points though. Super hop is good for jumping over certain enemies. And croak lets you here the baby frogs croak back to get a better idea of their location.


Do do....do do DO DO.....do do do do do do DO DO ! Um... sorry about that. He he..I got the western level music stuck in my head. Needless to say the music is catchy. All of the level blocks have their on music and different music for most of the levels. Plus if you put the game disk in a cd player, you can listen to all the tracks ! The sound effects while good, sound a bit scratchy at times. Like the sounds of the bugs. But everything else is well done. Like how Frogger gulps when he swallows a bug. And the croaks all sound realistic.( I know I'm running out of stuff to talk about when I'm discussing frog croaking sounds.)


This is where I could go on forever. For a Windows 95 game, the graphics look shockingly smooth and have held up pretty well. When I say smooth, I mean the textures aren't pixelated at all. Nice and clean. Despite having a polygon look to it, it's done in a unrealistic style that's almost like...OK I hate using the cartoon analogy, but that's the only comparable thing I can think of. But anyway, another cool aspect of the graphics are some of the subtleties. You can see the clouds in the car windows when they pass by, or out on the water. The rats in the sewer levels shake their heads when they land on the pipes. The baby frogs kick their legs in anticipation of your arrival. Fish in the water. Dead fish skeletons in the water. Plus the water looks thirst inducing. Too bad you die when you jump in it.Sigh

Tech specs-

This whole review I'm trying to do different. For any PC games I review in the future, I'll include this. As for the specs, they are not bad at all ! 640 by 480 resolution, support for the Voodoo 1 video card, and you can't beat the cd format. Plus it takes up almost no space. So if your a freak about hard drive space consumption fear not.

The Bad
Tech specs-

I'ts somewhat tricky and tempermental to try and get running on new machines. It will run, but be prepared to fool around with the display properties for a while. I can it running on my new machine, but no music. I gave up on why weeks ago.


Some of the longer levels tend to be repetitive. And after you find a frog, it sends you back to the start of the level. Err. And why is it Frogger STILL can't swim ? That's totally absurd. Frogs ARE amphibious ! Oh well.

The Bottom Line
If you want a good game to unwind with, I 100 percent recommend this game. If you're looking for game with tons of replay vale, try Frogger 2. But If you like games overall, get it. You'll love it !

Windows · by GAMEBOY COLOR! (1990) · 2008


The Good
The environments are what, in my opinion, make this game amazing rather than just so-so. The levels are fantastically well designed, and the music only helps Frogger's world stand out more. The graphics, while pixelated, give the game its feel and mood. The controls can never be a problem -- you can configure them yourself. The difficulty is just right; today, it seems that game companies are incapable of challenging but not frustrating games, which is why I turn to Indie game developers most often. Not so with this game. You have to really work on these levels.

The Bad
The only flaw I can see in the game itself is the lack of storyline. Why exactly are your "frog-lets" (what would you call them?) scattered all over the world? I think it would make the game a lot more engaging if there was a reason we're going after these little guys, as there is in its brilliant but far-too-easy sequel.

I feel that some of the levels are just a bit too difficult, on the verge of frustrating: Uncanny Crusher is one of the rare examples. But I think that this has more to do with my lack of gaming prowess than the game itself.

I have a problem that occurs often, wherein the sound works but the music doesn't. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else, however.

The Bottom Line
A great game with few flaws. Play it. For some, it is too difficult, but if you enjoy this type of game, then try it out.

Windows · by Kerithanos (2) · 2008

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  • The promo commercial for this game had a humorous Six Million Dollar Man theme that saw Frogger getting run over, then being reconstructed because "we have the technology."
  • The last sewer level is named "Reservoir Frogs". A spoof of the movie Reservoir Dogs.

Information also contributed by DANIEL HAWKS !


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