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My Universe: Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs

Moby ID: 156530

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Windows credits (2020)

112 people (100 professional roles, 12 thanks) with 123 credits.

It Matters Games

Managing Director Jens Kortboyer
Creative Director Jens Kortboyer
Project Manager Kevin Nohr-Hipel
Technical Director Christian Krebs
Programming Frederik Trampenau, Mihail Georgiev, Stephan Unverwerth, Bryan Printz
Porting to Multiple Platforms Frederik Trampenau, Stephan Unverwerth, Christian Krebs
Art Lead Tim Ludwig
Artists Elisa Glener, Lukas Heim, Ronja Brodocz, Philipp Busse, Vanessa Herrmann
Character Animation Melina Stratman, Vanessa Herrmann
Lead Game Designer Tino Englert
Game Design Eria Korte, Paulina Pabst
Story Jens Kortboyer, Lara Serzisko, Dennis Jacobi
Audio Dennis Jacobi
Quality Assurance Paulina Pabst, Lara Serzisko, Ronja Brodocz, Dennis Jacobi
Production Babies Congratulations to Irina and Mihail Georgiev!, "Hello World" says Maxim, Congratulations to Vivi and Tim Ludwig!, "Hello World" says their kid
Special Thanks Antonina, David, Emil, Jill, Mara, Mykola, Nastya, Nele, Theo
- We have the consent of the parents to use the artwork of their children
Office Pets Ragnar, Dwayne the Dog Johnson, Heini & Fritz, Finn & Haley, Holly , Trixie, Lotte

Support for Porting: Dreamloop

Dreamloop Joni Lappalainen, Kimmo Kaisla

Produced by GameExPro

GameExPro Felix Dreyfus

Published by Microids

CEO Stéphane Longeard
COO Elliot Grassiano
Production Director François Coulon
Technical Director Alexandre Migeon
VP Business Development Yves Bléhaut
VP Microids Life Eric Pouzet
Production Group Managers François Berranger, Boris Hong
Producer Vincent Porries
Co-Producers Nouredine Mohammed Saad, Maël Guérin (as Maël Guerin), Alexandre Hubert
Production Assistant Hadrien Maire
Producer Assistants Victor Chiorean, Melchior M'barali (as Melchior M'Barali)
VP Publishing Alain Milly
VP Sales Julien Renzaho
Digital Sales Manager Alvin Rabary
VP Marketing Eric Nguyen
VP Trade Marketing & Operation Alexandre Breas
Sales Director France Catherine Martin
Marketing Manager Xavier Lipomi
Marketing Group Manager Charles Leveugle
Product Managers Pascal Benattar, Marie Revelat
Marketing Assistant Tiphaine Taillé
PR Managers Alice Claret, Maxime Geraci
Digital & Social Media Planner Nicolas Supply
Social Media Manager Margot Gabriella Poujol (as Margot Poujol)
Community Manager Héléna Mastronicola (as Helena Mastronicola)
Manufacturing Managers Béryl Bréas (as Beryl Breas), Valérie Perdriau
Printed Material Coordinator Stéphanie Leclerc
CFO William Chiriaux
Financial Controller Clément Lafont
Financial Assistant Clarisse Urie
Sales Administration Assistant Sabine Carlosse
Digital Sales Associate Paul Charousset
Trade Marketing Manager Laurie de Sola
QA Managers Emmanuel Perez, Xavier-Claude Passeri
Special Thanks Enzo Gut, Romain Josset, Marie Lemaire

Business Development by Remote Control Productions

Management Hendrik Lesser, Michael Stapf, Seb Downie-Blackwell, Samuel Vonäsch
Corporate Georg Baier, Ramona Hein, Philipp Krämer, Jill Senlik
Finance Christian Kleißl, Philipp Schmidt, Nikolaos Antoniou, Elena Stoyanova
Bizdev Christopher Kellner, Mehdi Benkirane, Borys Trienin, Sasha Volkohon (Oleksandra), Valerie Künst, Wolfgang Stindl
HR Ina Lesser, Alexandra Kling, Dominika Karcz


Sound effects and music obtained from zapsplat
Quality Assurance & Certification GlobalStep LLC
Translation & Localization Localsoft
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