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In 2032, the implosion of a Hadron Supercollider in Australia tears open the fabric of reality, causing hostile creatures known as the Variant to spread across Earth. Australia is obliterated by the implosion and the world quickly descends into chaos as humanity and the Variant wage war against each other. In the ruins of the world, a faction of surviving humans known as the Paladins compete with the Variant for possession of dark matter, a resource that is critical to both sides.

Hybrid is a third-person multiplayer shooter with a heavy emphasis on cover mechanics. Players can choose to join either the Paladins or Variant and must compete against the opposing faction for control over the five remaining inhabited continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Winning deathmatches in any given continent will increase the player's faction's control over that continent, with the first faction to reach 100% control being awarded one piece of dark matter. The first faction to collect 200 pieces of dark matter wins the game.

Matches are played with three players on each team. Most of the gameplay revolves around finding and shooting from behind cover, with players using flight to quickly move to a better position if exposed to enemy fire. Successful kill streaks allow players to summon AI-controlled robots to their side. Players have a variety of weapons to choose from and can unlock special abilities to aid them in combat, including a cool-down ability and a persistent perk of their choosing.

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