aka: Clyde Radcliff Exterminates All The Unfriendly, Repulsive Earth-Ridden Slime, Creatures to the Rescue
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[ Amiga ] [ Antstream add ] [ Atari ST ] [ Commodore 64 ]

Commodore 64 credits (1990)

14 people (6 professional roles, 8 thanks) with 15 credits.

Programming John Rowlands
Grafix Steve Rowlands
Sonix Steve Rowlands

With help from (and big drinks to)

Loadsahype David Birch (as Dave 'Eat my dust and count my Vs' Birch)
Money management Franco Frey
Creative cover art Oliver Frey (as Oli Frey)
Numero uno play tester and supplier of invaluable ideas Andy Smith (as Andy 'Southern Comfort' Smith)
Technical desistance Rob Ellis (as Rob 'it's okay I am fully comp' Ellis), Miles Barry (as Miles 'TLH' Barry)
Creative consultant Andy Roberts (as Andy 'Now you see it - now you don't' Roberts)
Constructive criticisim Rob Hogg (as Rob 'Dig those waitresses' Hogg)
Big shiny new office and unconstructive criticism Mum and Dad
Show'stopping Bug frenzies Carol Kinsey, Richard Eddy
This game is dedicated to Mr & Mrs Rowlands
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Credits contributed by S Olafsson, Martin Smith.