Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

aka: Dragon Ball Z 3
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PlayStation 2 credits (2004)

97 people (84 professional roles, 13 thanks)


Thanks To
  • Toei Animation
Original Author
DBZ Voices

Toei Animation Co., Ltd. International Dept.

Toei Animation Co., Ltd. International Dept.

Bandai Co., Ltd.

Executive Producer
Chief Producers
Product Manager
Assistant Product Manager
Localization Coordinators
Business Coordinators

Atari Europe

Senior VP of International Operations
Republishing Director
Republishing Team Leader
Republishing Producer
Localisation Team Leader
Localization Project Manager
Localisation Technical Consultant
Printer Materials Team Leader
Printer Materials Project Manager
Copy Writer
MAM Project Manager
Director Supply Chain
Manufacturing Coordinators
Quality Director
Quality Control Project Manager
Certification Project Manager
Product Planning Project Manager
Engineering Services Manager
Engineering Services Expert
European Marketing Senior VP
European Group Marketing Manager
European Brand Manager
European Product Manager
European Communications Manager
European Web Manager
Local Marketing Team Benelux
Local Marketing Team France
Local Marketing Team Germany
Local Marketing Team Greece
Local Marketing Team Iberica
Local Marketing Team Italy
Local Marketing Team Israel
Local Marketing Team Nordic
Local Marketing Team Switzerland
Local Marketing Team United Kingdom
Third Party Director
Special Thanks To
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