4-D Boxing

aka: 4D Sports Boxing
Moby ID: 162

DOS version

A simple, classic free-form action game with skill-building elements

The Good
The game has an incredible feeling of freedom because of the free-form nature of movements and controls. It sort of resembles the feeling of games like Die By the Sword. You can't control the direction and swing of your arms but you can put together combos very freely in a way that captures the feel of boxing, even though the animations are sort of odd.

To me, pure action games with characters that have the same abilities all through the game are not always that interesting. I usually have more interest in games that let me start out with a weak character and build him up, and this game is one of those. There are boxing skills that you can train and improve in between matches, so not only do you climb your way up in rank due to your skills as a player, your character also can grow to become more powerful in the way that you choose (feels like leveling up in an RPG).

The Bad
Many people complained about the graphics, but I thought they were simplistic in a charming way (a lot like Alone in the Dark). Still, anyone who plays this game now for the first time would probably be horrified by the boxy 35 polygon (I'm guessing) characters.

The Bottom Line
Overall this is a classic game that combines character building with an extremely addictive free-form style of action. It would be a shame to overlook this one.

by John Lucas (12) on January 25th, 2005

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