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Space Chase


Space Chase is a 1-player arcade game for the 8-bit Atari.

You're in a beautiful, colorful galaxy. Your mission is to conquer all the planets for the Galactic Federation and then go to the next galaxy. The player controls a ship that can move in all directions. The player must watch out for Clone Robot Ships that will relentlessly pursue the player, destroying every planet in their path. If an enemy ship reaches the player, it's game over. The player can scroll off one edge of the screen to appear on the other side to avoid the pursuing enemy.

The player can release nukes, which act as mines to destroy the enemy clone ships if hit. The player can select the number of nukes they have at the beginning of each level. There is also an option for shields, which will protect the player from their own nukes.


Credits (Atari 8-bit version)

Manual Contents © 1982

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