ALF: The First Adventure

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Cat-eating aliens? Gotta love em!

The Good
I remember playing this game on my old Commadore 64 (both versions are the same). This used to be one of my favorite games. One thing I liked about it was how addictive it was. It was almost like a souped-up PacMan, having you run around a level, trying to catch cats, and then find parts to your spacecraft. There was a lot to do in a level, and with the Dog Catcher and Alf's human family's father (forget his name) after you, it was very challenging.

The Bad
Sometimes the game got a little too challenging. The Dog Catcher and Alf's dad were everywhere, and pretty quick (although not too bright in terms of movements). Catching the cats were also often hard, since they ran away from you, and you had to chase them, while avoiding the bad guys. Also, the graphic for Alf's dad always drove me nuts. It was his head, that's it, and it spun around. It always used to freak me out when I saw it ;)

Other than that, some of the sound effects and music got a little repettative, but those weren't major problems.

The Bottom Line
If you liked the original TV show, you would probably get a kick out of this game. There are a lot of great things from the show. The Pac Man-style mazes were also pretty large (usually around a 2x2 or 2x3 screen area), and with multiple objectives to do, and two bad guys to watch out for, it can provide a lot of challenge. Younger players (like me when I played it) might not fare as well do to this, but the older generation would probably find the difficulty just right. If you get a chance, I would pick this one up and try it out. I had a lot of fun with it back in the day.

DOS · by Warlock (291) · 2000