aka: CS1.6, Counter-Strike 1.6
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Cool game, but the same as the pc

The Good
Counter strike is awesome. I started playing this game on the PC during my sophomore year of college. It was version 1.5 starting with the 1.6 beta. The awesome thing about the game is that it’s so easy to play. You get to use realistic weapons and you have a lot of fun playing the game.

Right now I’m playing the Source version (not that much though), and it gets better with each iteration of the game.

The Bad
The main problem with the xbox version is that there are a lot of “sore losers.” By this I mean every time a server admin didn’t like his score, he would reset the game to reset the scores until he liked his own score. Also, whenever a player gets too good, they are branded as “cheaters” and banned/kicked right away for no reason. Once I was 22-0, and I got banned from a server after the admin restarted the game like 5 times.

The Bottom Line
I recommend this game for anyone who likes fps and online game play. Although I don’t really like fps, this is one exception since the game is so good.

Xbox · by Daniel Allen (13) · 2021

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