SSN-21 Seawolf

Moby ID: 1685

DOS credits (1994)

31 people with 41 credits.

Game Design Paul Grace, John W. Ratcliff
Scenario Design Michael Breault, Ed Gwynn
Programming John W. Ratcliff
Producer Paul Grace
Assistant Producer Ed Gwynn
Graphics Les Pardew, Paul Unterweiser, John W. Ratcliff, David Whatley
Sound and Music Tim Melton, George Alistair Sanger, Rob Wallace
Technical Director Scott Cronce
Product Manager Frank Gibeau
Project Leader Ed Gwynn
Testing Managers Steven Matulac, Alan Roireau
Product Testing Russell Byrd, David Costa, Steve Imes, Mike Lopez, Brian Reed
Quality Assurance Paul Armatta, Michael Yasko
Technical Assistance Michael Chang
Additional Programming Scott Cronce, John Miles, Mathew Ratcliff, Tom Tayon
Original Game Concept Paul Grace
Additional Help Frank Gibeau, David Luoto, Jamie Poolos
Package Art Direction Nancy Waisanen
Documentation & History Jamie Poolos
Tactics David Luoto
Package Design Michael Osborne Design
German Translation Rolf D. Busch
LHA Copyright Haruyasu Yoshizaki
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