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Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon

aka: Sailor Moon


The game is based on the popular manga/animé series of the same name. The heroine of the series is a 14-year-old schoolgirl named Serena (Usagi in the Japanese version). One day she encounters a magical talking cat named Luna, who tells her she has been chosen to be a Sailor Moon fighter, to find the lost Princess of the Moon Kingdom and to fight the forces of darkness lead by the evil Queen Beryl.

This adaptation of the story is a beat-'em-up game. You can control either Serena herself or one of her Sailor Moon companions. Each girl has different strengths and special attacks. You advance in the game by moving on a platform and defeating the enemies you encounter. You can't move on if you haven't defeated all the enemies that keep coming at you.


  • 美少女戦士セーラームーン - Japanese spelling

Groups +


Credits (SNES version)

6 People

Enemy Design Support (ゲームエネミーデザイン協力)
Demo Art Support (デモ原画協力)
  • Kazuko Tadano (Studio Live [只野 和子 (スタジオライブ)])
Action Art Support (アクション原画協力)
Music (音楽)
Support (協力)
  • Kodansha Nakayoshi Editorial Dept. [株式会社講談社 なかよし編集部]
  • Toei Animation Co. Ltd. [東映動画株式会社]



SNES version

When a girl transforms, there is a short sequence which shows the outline of her naked body. These pictures were changed to be less distinctive in the SNES version.


The Japanese title roughly translates into English as Beautiful Warrior Girl Sailor Moon.

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