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Fly the most fearsome helicopter to ever grace the skies - the AH-64 Apache. The core gameplay is simulator oriented featuring missions in 4 distinct combat theatres. Enemy threats are fully featured and include a myriad of Russian tanks, anti-aircraft systems, surface to air missiles, and aircraft. For novice users there is an 'arcade' flight model with simplified controls and flight mechanics, in addition to a training mode.

Apache originally came out for DOS in 1995 and was later upgraded to Windows 9x in 1996, featuring a different box and a few minor in-game changes.


  • アパッチロングボウ - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 86% (based on 19 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 22 ratings with 1 reviews)

Set the skies aflame in the most nimble and deadly 'copter, ever!

The Good
Crisp, clean and fast graphics. The Apache engine will grow old gracefully! * A well populated and living game environment. You aren't the only one out there, pilot! * For the beginner pilot or the violent type, an Arcade mode with a low learning curve! * Or, fly the more interactive Realistic flight mode! * Accurately modeled flight model and weapon systems. * Superb Preferences selection, offering sliding scale enemy AI, amongst other things. * Clear menu system with an easy mouse interface. * Detailed training missions. Plus single missions and non-Linear campaigns in 3 theatres of war! * Play keyboard alone or have the option of using a joystick as well.

The Bad
No reverse collective (throttle) option. * Some Thrustmaster joysticks not compatible. This should rectified in a patch. * When blowing up aircraft and ground units alike, there is just a small chunky explosion and no debris what-so-ever! (But who says you cant leave that part to the imagination, ;o)

The Bottom Line
It's 5:00 AM, and you and you're co-pilot are blasting down a nasty looking Yemenese canyon at 140 mph in a fully loaded, fuelled and battle ready Apache gunship! You know you have to stay fully alert, ready for anything, but all you can think about is a steaming mug of black coffee when you get back to base. Suddenly you here a bleeping sound. You think you're hearing things but then you hear it again, ==bleep=bleep==bleep=bleep== You switch to Air Radar and you're friend in the front cockpit confirms you're selection. Aha, two Russian Supercobra helos picking off allied APC's with their 20mm gattling guns. Time for action. You fly low and slow at 20 meters to mask yourself from the Supercobra's radar dodging trees and hiding behind rocky outcrops until you're right behind them. Now for you're move. Swiftly yet smoothly you rise to 100 meters switching to you're Stinger air-to-air missiles as you go. The Supercobra's swivel to face you and as their guns get a bead on you, you're co-pilot shouts that he has lock. You know you should fire now, but you want to savor this moment. Again he yells through the com. he has lock and just before the Russians can riddle you're helicopter with bullet-holes, you launch two Stingers. They scream through the air before turning the two Supercobra helos into burning shrapnel, hurtling towards earth! It was just you, you're co-pilot and your Apache gunship!

Apache gives you this and more! Whether you like to bomb down on shipping in Cyprus or shred through air-support in Korea, easy and hard, night and day, life and death. Apache deserves its well-earned 9/10 on the Comrade-o-meter. I would recommend this game to anybody who likes a bit of everything in their meal! Try to pick it up for at few bob at you're local games store, or order it online.

DOS · by James Taplin (2) · 2001


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