B-17 Flying Fortress

aka: B-17 Flying Fortress: World War II Bombers in Action
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DOS version

Go Army Air Corp!

The Good
Personally, I've always had a sense of awe towards the men flew those B-17's. Only the bravest (craziest?) would go on daylight bombing raids that deep into enemy territory. That said, this game gave me a taste of what it must have been like for those men. The game is fairly realistic for its age. Take-offs, landings, gunnery, its all there. It gets a little hectic as you try to be ten soldiers at once.

The actual bombing run is what I enjoy the most (if I ever make it that far...), and it actually makes me sweat sometimes. Trying to land a severly damaged bomber is also a diffifcult task. But I love a challenge.

The Bad
And challenge it is. This game has a rather steep learning curve. You can keep running the training mission until you have every task down, but that gets a little tedious after a while. If you leave the "autopilot" on and just watch each task, that helps too.

One of the things that is really difficult is shooting down the Luftwaffe. In eight (failed) missions, I've only shot down two of those buggers.

The Bottom Line
Overall, despite the difficulty, I really enjoy this game. It really shows me why so few B-17's actually survived their 25 missions. If you are a WWII aviation fan, this is a game you should give a try. Be ready to spend some time watching from the sidelines however.

by Narf! (132) on December 29, 2000

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