Pokémon Emerald Version

aka: Pocket Monsters Emerald, Pokémon Edición Esmeralda, Pokémon Smaragdedition, Pokémon Version Emeraude, Pokémon Versione Smeraldo
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RNG Abuse

Random events in video games are determined by a pseudo-random number generator, or RNG. Emerald's RNG is flawed in that the game generates the exact same sequence of numbers every play session, and generates a new number at a consistent rate of 60 times per second. Thus, players can use external programs to easily determine the precise moment to trigger a Pokémon encounter that will produce desired stats and other characteristics.


  • GameSpy
    • 2005 – GBA Multiplayer Game of the Year

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Trivia contributed by Patrick Bregger, Harmony♡.