Super Solvers: OutNumbered!

aka: OutNumbered! A Super Solvers Math Adventure, Super Genios: ┬íNumEruditos!, Super Solver : Op├ęration Maths !
Moby ID: 17693

Super Solvers Outnumbered!

Educational Benefits.

Unlike Any Other Math Program.

  • Builds crucial computation(+,-,*,/) and problem solving skills. By solving arithmetic equations and real-life word problems, children develop these necessary and complementary sets of math skills.

  • Strengthens deductive thinking and numerical reasoning. Graphs, charts, and maps help children structure, analyze, and solve real-world math problems.

  • Enables you to customize math content and skill level. Children can practice concepts learned in school and focus on problem areas by setting number ranges, problem types, and level of difficulty


Back of Jewel Case - Windows/Windows 3.x/Macintosh

Contributed by Andrew Shepard.

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