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Accord, teacher of the local magic school, has lost her magic flying cane. There is word of an award so the students are busy searching high and low for it. Naturally, our heroes Amitie and her school nemesis Raffine make their way toward the distant dark castle, challenging - and being challenged by - everyone you come across in a game of Puyo Pop.

Puyo Pop Fever is a puzzle game of the falling-block variety, the goal of which is to clear your blocks (Puyos) by combining four or more of the same color, which will then vanish. This will produce Nuisance Puyos. These colorless Puyos will fall onto your opponents screen, thus blocking chains and combos they could create. These pesky Puyos can only be exterminated by removing neighboring Puyos.

When an opponent sends Nuisance Puyos to your screen you can try to "offset" by clearing your own Puyos and limiting the number that would fall on your screen. This will also increase your Fever Meter. When this meter fills you will be given a set of prearranged Puyos with which you can wrack up giant combos and send tons of Nuisance Puyos to your opponent. When any player's field becomes so full that they can no longer drop Puyos they lose the game.

The game features a two-player mode. Some versions allow for more people such as the DS version which allows up to eight players to compete in free-for-all or team modes.


  • ぷよぷよフィーバー - Japanese spelling

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Let's Puyo

The Good
Puzzle games are perfect for portable systems, and Puyo Pop Fever is the best example of that. The Puyo Puyo series is one of the best puzzle series ever, because of its own concept and the easy way to play it. Since Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine for the Genesis was released in 1993 and the original multi platform game, many games of the series have been released, but Puyo Puyo Fever sets the difference.

Puyo Pop Fever features a new revolutionary concept, including the Fever mode. During a battle, you can counterattack your enemy, if you do that you'll gain "points" that will increase your fever meter. Once it's full, you'll start the fever mode in which you can make many chains and combinations of Puyos to obtain an enormous attack. This system will guarantee incredible battles with your opponent.

Beside that, the DS Puyo Pop Fever (it was a multi platform game) allows the player to play against seven more players, with team too. The game has some other classic modes like the single player (with its own story), the free battle, time attack, survive and many more.

Graphics are as always, no complications about that as well as for the sound. The music is always the same song and you'll whistle it during your battles easily.

The Bad
The only important problem that this game could have is that you don't like puzzle games. In spite of this, it's possible that you like this game because it has something different from the others. Anyway, playing against the computer in Expert mode is something difficult that could make you hate the game for all your entire life. You'll see how your adversary make perfect chains (and eternal) and you'll need to defend yourself with counterattacks all the time. Sometimes it's a bit frenetic.

The main song is good and addictive, but it's just one song for all your battles. There should be much more songs.

The game is the same since many years, only the Fever mode is the new main feature and, for some people, it's not enough.

The Bottom Line
If you love puzzle games Puyo Pop is your game, specially for the DS where you can play against many players. The game has a story mode, but it's as boring as the story modes usually are for this kind of games. If you've played other Puyo games, try it, take a look at the new fever mode and nothing more. If it's your first time, prepare to play one of the best puzzle games.

Nintendo DS · by NeoJ (398) · 2009


1001 Video Games

Puyo Pop Fever appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


This was the last game that SEGA released for its Dreamcast system.

References to the game

In the 6th episode of Genshiken, an anime about otaku lifestyle, in order to attract her otaku boyfriend's attention, Saki Kasukabe tried to learn how to play a game for the first time in her life. The Genshiken club suggested her a simple game to master - Puyo Puyo Fever. However, on the next day, when they played the game together, her boyfriend Kousaka, being totally oblivious of her intentions, scored chains of puyos with unbelievable skill and won without problems. Defeated, Saki gave up on this idea and swore to never play a game again.


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