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Jiangshi x Daoshi

Official Description

Prepare to be blown away! Jiangshi x Daoshi is an epic story of Chinese vampires, dao priests, assassins and immortals, told in a spectacularly animated visual novel format.

When former assassin Luan is attacked by man-eating creatures, he is saved from certain death by a wandering dao priest, Ling Ling. At that time, neither of them know what tribulations yet await them.

* Breathtakingly animated action * Explosions that cut mountains in half * Sexy assassins of both sexes * Blood, gore and humor

Includes Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode I - Boy Meets Girl, and Episode II - The Fable of the Fake Elixir of Life.

Not for the faint of heart - you have been warned!

Source: Steam Store Description


  • キョンシー×タオシー - Japanese spelling
  • 僵尸×道士 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 殭屍×道士 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Credits (Windows version)

17 People

Developed by
Localization & Publishing by
  • Fruitbat Factory
Project Lead
English Language Translation
English Language Editing
Chinese Language Translation
  • firsdrea
Chinese Language Editing
  • purenanako
Quality Assurance
  • Interweave Productions, LLC.


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