Kirby: Canvas Curse

aka: Kirby: Cursed Canvas, Kirby: El Pincel del poder, Kirby: L'oscuro disegno, Kirby: Le Pinceau du Pouvoir, Kirby: Power Paintbrush, Kirby: Power-Malpinsel, Quick-Draw Kirby, Touch! Kirby Mahou no Efude
Moby ID: 18151

Nintendo DS version

Forget Yoshi Touch 'n Go! Kirby rolls onto the DS!

The Good
The gameplay which is clearly the most important part of the game is also the best part of the game. It's played entirely with the stylus on the touch screen. You draw lines to guide Kirby who has been transformed into a ball by an evil witch, and can only roll. You can speed up Kirby by touching him or making him go trough loops. This gives unique gameplay similar to Yoshi Touch 'n Go but it's got an actual storyline making it a much more sophisticated game. There are copy abilities as usual, which has always been a great part of the series. The graphics are similar to previous Kirby games but although they don't have much improvement they are still great. Since the witch has transformed Dreamland into a painting everything is done in a clever painting-style that looks interesting. There are seven worlds each containing three levels and 3 types of bosses in unique boss-games. There is a wide variety of enemies to kill that give you your powers. Also, there are lots of traps and hazards that can be avoided or blocked with lines, such as lasers, spikes and cannonballs. The sound is the typical Kirby style of happy and catchy tunes, which is a good thing. Replay is good with plenty of things to unlock obtained by collecting all medals and beating all levels .

The Bad
Not as much copy abilities as on the GBA versions, which is a shame. And, not really a point you can criticize because of the stylus-based gameplay, but you still miss Kirby's famous suck-up-enemies power.

The Bottom Line
A unique and extremely fun game that is one of those games you buy a DS for. If you liked Yoshi Touch 'n Go but thought it still missed something, this is absolutely your game. Combine this gameplay with some classic Kirby elements and you have a game that should be in your DS collection.

by Rensch (203) on January 15th, 2006

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