SimEarth: The Living Planet

aka: SimEarth: Der lebende Planet
Moby ID: 1835

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DOS credits (1990)

58 people (45 professional roles, 13 thanks) with 82 credits.

Original Concept and Design Fred Haslam, Will Wright
Design Assistance James Lovelock
Macintosh Programming Fred Haslam, Will Wright
DOS Programming Daniel Goldman, Paul Schmidt
Windows Programming Rodney Lai, Paul Schmidt
Graphics / Artwork Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton, Peter Mitchell-Dayton, Jenny Martin, Susan Greene
Macintosh Music / Sound Programming Steve Hales
IBM Music / Sound Programming Heath Paterson
King of Manufacturing Dave Helfenstein
Package Design Richard Bagel, Kurt West
Package Illustration Kurt West
Documentation Design Richard Bagel, Michael Bremer, Mark Holmes, Kurt West, Chris Yoro
Documentation Michael Bremer
Introduction to Earth Science Tom Bentley, Carolina Lithgow
Contributions to Documentation Tom Bentley, Bill Cook, Fred Haslam, James Lovelock, Mike Patterson, Robin Samelson, Joe Scirica, Will Wright
Project Manager - IBM & Mac Steve Beckert
Project Manager - Windows Mitzi S. McGilvray
Quality Assurance Bill Cook, Jake Hoelter, Carter Lipscomb, Mike Patterson, Steve Smythe, Alan Barton, Manny Granillo, Kevin O'Hare
Playtesting Kara Alber, Eric Albers, Chris Allen, Steve Beckert, Jeff Braun, Michael Bremer, Bill Cook, Ann Goldman, Daniel Goldman, Don Goldman, Jake Hoelter, James Kalin, Scott Kim, Harvey Lee, Janice Linden-Reed, James Lovelock, Bob Mandel, Cory Nelson, Mike Patterson, Robin Samelson, Paul Schmidt, Chris Weiss
Maxis QA/Tech Support Carter Lipscomb, Alan Barton
Special Thanks To David M. Anderson, Stewart Brand, Jeff Braun, Chris Crawford, James Kalin, Brian Rosborugh, Kinberly Schmidt, Eric Albers, Janice Linden-Reed, Morris Meislik, Michael Clapp, Broderbund Software
Dedicated to Gaia - without him this game won't be possible
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