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Red Comrades: Save the Galaxy - Reloaded

aka: Petka i Vasilij Ivanovich Spasajut Galaktiku
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Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, an alien colony ship suffered an accident. As a result, the Earth got a new satellite in orbit, which in time came to be known as "The Moon". Some years later, in the beginning of the civil war in Russia, the shot from the Aurora (the massive cannon which was used to signal the beginning of the war in 1917) somehow reached this moon and triggered the hibernation systems. The aliens wake up. The aliens are pissed.

So the aliens seek a place to conquer. And the aliens find one: the remote town of Gadukino, which just happened to be on the border between the territories of the Red and White armies. The situation was stagnant, and the only thing that could change that was an alien invasion. Eventually, it's up to Petka and Vasilij Ivanovich Chapaev, two losers just looking for more vodka and trying to lay Anka, to save the galaxy.

Petka i Vasilij Ivanovich Spasajut Galaktiku is an adventure game in Russian. The protagonists of the game are historical characters rendered comical and absurd by resembling their caricatures from popular Soviet jokes. The gameplay follows a traditional humorous Western adventure template with multiple dialogue choices and inventory-based puzzles.


  • Петька и Василий Иванович Спасают Галактику - Russian spelling
  • Петька и Василий Иванович Спасают Галактику. Перезагрузка - Steam product page Russian spelling

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Producer - Buka (Продюсер проекта - Бука)
Project Leader - S.K.I.F. (Руководитель проекта - С.К.И.Ф.)
Original Concept (Идея)
Story (Сюжет)
Screenplay, Puzzles, and Dialogues (Сценарий, загадки и диалоги)
with (а так же)
Styling (Стиль)
Lead Artist and Animator (Главный Художник и Аниматор)
Artists (Художники)
Animators (Аниматоры)
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The heroes of the game - Vich, Petka, and Anka - are in fact historical figures. Vich (actually Vasilij Ivanovich Chapaev) is a hero of the Civil War in Russia (1918). Fighting on the side of the Red Army, Chapaev was known for his courage and physical strength (he liked fighting with a scimitar). Petka and Anka were young soldiers, Chapaev's assistants. During the existence of Soviet Union, Chapaev was idolized, and the stories about his heroic deeds became part of the official state propaganda. Naturally, countless jokes about Chapaev and his friends appeared as a reaction to the cult. In the jokes, Chapaev is a dirty idiot, who thinks only about vodka. The heroes of the game resemble the characters from the widely popular jokes much more than the real ones. As an example, here is a typical Chapaev joke:

Vasilij Ivanovich and Petka catch an officer of the White Army and bring him to the headquarters.

Vasilij Ivanovich: So, Petka, how should we torture this bourgeoise swine? Beat him up?

Petka: Why not, that's a good idea...

Vasilij Ivanovich: Maybe burn him?

Petka: Even better.

Vasilij Ivanovich: Or peel his skin off?

Petka: Sure, let's try.

Vasilij Ivanovich: Or maybe let him smell my socks?

Petka (indignantly): Vasilij Ivanovich! Do I look like a sadist to you?!


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