Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus

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This is a game of combat between giant mechanized dinosaurs named robosaurs in a faraway solar system named Spondylus. Mad robosaurs have overrun the planets of this man-made solar system and it is up to Professor Proteus to take the controls of the #1 robosaur, the Cyborasaurus. The goal is to get to the center of all 7 planets in this solar system and disable the artificially intelligent life support systems, which are guarded by progressively tougher defense.

Gameplay consists of getting into your robosaur, tromping across the surface of desolate planets in the solar system, fighting meaner robosaurs, and equipping better weapons along the way (you can launch your dino's fist!). Once you make it to the middle of each planet, you eject from the Cyborasaurus and head to the life support computer. Destroy the computer and get out fast.

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Average score: 55% (based on 7 ratings)


Average score: 2.1 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings with 1 reviews)

Giant robot dinosaurs! And they screwed it up?

The Good
This game features, first and foremost, giant mechanized dinosaurs roaming on distant planets. Sounds like a great concept.

What's good about this game? If you are the type of player that just likes to rack up wins to the total record, make sure you add Dynowarz to your schedule. I pushed my way through it less than 3 hours.

Dynowarz is also reminiscent of the classic NES game Blaster Master for its split gameplay between piloting a big, tough machine and then playing as a frail little humanoid. The point here is that anything that reminds a player of Blaster Master can not be all negative.

The Bad
To reiterate, this game features giant robot dinosaurs. How can you screw up a game with that kind of subject matter? And yet, this company managed to do just that. The only thing I remember about this game is sleepwalking through it. There was very little challenge, just walk from point A to point B and whack the other mechanized dinosaurs.

The Bottom Line
One of the most utterly wasted concepts in the history of video games. So sad. I really wanted this game to be super-cool and it let me down in the worst way.

NES · by Multimedia Mike (20663) · 2005


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