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Penguin Adventure

aka: Yume-tairiku Adventure, 夢大陸アドベンチャー


Penguin Adventure: the main character - a male penguin - must save the penguin princess from a sickness that has spread across the penguin world. The cure to the sickness can be found in the Golden Apple of the Golden Apple Tree.

In this action packed game, you take control of the male penguin and travel across the lands and seas in search of the Golden Apple, fighting different types of enemies including bats, thunder-striking clouds, and environmental obstacles such as rocks, until finally reaching the princess. The stages feature different types of landscapes such as forests, mountains, caves, and water stages. As you fight your way through, you can also catch flying fish which you can trade at the different types of shops for new equipments and a weapon.

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Bilingual rom cartridge

As Konami is an international company with world-wide sales with it's roots in Japan, Konami needed to produce two versions of their programs, one for the Japanese market and an English version for the rest of the world. For some games Konami decided not to produce two different language versions of a rom game, no the put both language versions in one rom cartridge. This was a possibility because the MSX computer BIOS rom contains a land code. Using that code as identifier the game showed the English or Japanese version. This can easily checked when using an MSX emulator. Run that emulator with Japanese or English system roms and the Japanese or English version of the game will automatically run. Penguin Adventure is one of those bilingual roms.

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