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Slot Racers

aka: Maze
Moby ID: 19482


The goal of this two-players console game is to move your vehicle in a maze so you can shoot missiles at your opponent without getting shot at.

The games features four different mazes to choose from, and some "levels" are at faster or slower speeds. Another feature lets you decide to make the missiles faster or slower than the car, or in some variants the missile would be stopped when it hit any walls. The difficulty switch determines whether you can shoot a missile while one of your own is still on the screen. Otherwise, your missile has to hit the enemy or be retrieved by your vehicle before you can launch another one.

You steer your car with a joystick. Each time you hit your enemy with a missile, you get a point. The first player to get 25 points is the winner.

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Average score: 32% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 2.2 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings with 2 reviews)

Simple, fun, but only if you don't expect too much.

The Good
What looks like a simplistic game may actually turn into an interesting strategy game, once the players have mastered the controls. The four maps provide some variety, so you can play for quite a while before you get bored. I preferred the settings where the missile travels faster than the vehicle. Otherwise, it takes forever to hit your enemy and offers very little challenge. The optional missile control is another way of accelerating the scores.

The Bad
This game is only intended for two players. The designers should have at least provided us with one game for a single player, but I guess that the technology wasn't ready for that in 1978, so you 'll have to wait for Pac-Man to have some fun alone in a maze.

You can only guess that your vehicle is a car (kinda?), for the graphics are quite lame. And even worse, the pow and bang sounds make you regret the usual beeps of other Atari games.

The Bottom Line
Slot Racers reminds a bit of Combat, one of Atari's first games. But in this game you can accelerate your vehicle and have the option to control your missile.

Atari 2600 · by RobinHud (68) · 2005

A very early game, but it was lots of fun

The Good
I found this game to be immensely fun, at least "back in the day", when I was about 9 years old. I would seriously consider attempting to recreate as closely as possible the original game play, right down to the same joysticks: one stick, one "fire" button... ah, those were the days :-)

The Bad
I don't remember disliking anything about it really, except perhaps to have more maze options.

The Bottom Line
It seems to be accurately described on this site.

Atari 2600 · by Michael "Misha" Langley (2) · 2014


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